Thursday, February 19, 2004


It begins.

I don't really know that the world needs another blog, and even if it does, I'm pretty sure that mine wouldn't be the one.

And yet . . .

What do I really want to say here? I suppose I'll figure that out as I go. For now, maybe I'll just post a link to something that I think is interesting.

Last night, I went to Flicker, a bi-monthly presentation of short films shot on Super8 or 16mm. I only stayed for the first half though, because a) I wasn't feeling too good and b) my friend Caitlin couldn't make it. Additionally, I felt that I was not wearing nearly enough black clothing to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

That's it then. The first, boring post. Woo. and it's close personal friend Hoo.

(for those playing along at home, that's two Buffy references. I'll try to curtail that tendency.)


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