Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More About Fraud and Blockbuster Online

Ballbuster Online is more like it.  After three or four go-rounds on email (at least two of which were virtually identical), they finally coughed up a toll-free number for me to call.  Right before that, though, they actually were stupid enough to send me a separate email requesting that I update my billing information, because they'd been unable to charge the credit card they'd been given.  No shit, Sherlock.  What a bunch of effing morons.

So I called the number I'd been given (BTW, since they seem to guard it so tightly, I'll freely publish it here:  Blockbuster Online Customer Service Toll-Free Number: 866--692-2789).  I spoke to Chad, who, despite his charming Texas accent, had clearly been drinking the Kool-Aid; he more-or-less parroted what his email copy/paste buddies had already said.

I'd responded to the request to update my billing information with a rather heated email telling them in no uncertain terms what morons I thought them all to be.  The reply to that contained another response, presumably copied and pasted from the Big Book of Blockbuster Online Useless Customer Service Responses, telling me "The credit card companies have given us explicit instructions not to modify customers' accounts in any shape, form or matter without their authorization through our legal department."

WTF-ever, dudes.  I've called four other companies about this issue, and emailed a handful more.  EVERY one of them immediately cancelled the fraudulently set up accounts.

Since BBO seems to have a ready supply of instantly copyable responses for this issue, one has to wonder just how often they get fraudulently set up accounts.  And again, does keeping said accounts on the books as long as possible help the numbers they report to Wall Street and their shareholders?

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