Saturday, November 18, 2006

For the good of the country

I had quite the long and detailed internal conversation with myself about making this post. In the end, I won!

Joe has a post up talking about Mike Jones, the guy whose information about sex and drugs provoked the downfall of evangelist Ted Haggard. Included in the post is a request to send a little something to Mike via PayPal, since he is now both unemployed and virtually unemployable. Reading through the comments on Joe's blog, it is clear that some people would like to sit in judgment of Mike because of his prior method of earning a living. Yet how would he have been able to reveal the information he did unless he was "working"?

I certainly will not attempt to judge Mr. Jones, because honestly, don't we call get judged just a little too much by the conservatives/Republicans/Christian Right/Voters in Virginia ?

As you know, you go to war against the hypocritical "Christians" with the homosexuals you have. They’re not the homosexuals you might want or wish to have at a later time.

Let's not leave Mike without any body armor. The email to direct PayPal funds to is ""

The place to debate the issue is not here.


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