Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Working for the Weekend

Further to yesterday's post:
I did hear back from SLDN; in fact, I had two follow-ups. First, I received an email response to my query. Unfortunately, it informed me that their had been a glitch in the system, and the arrangements had fallen through on their end, so no Pride Cap'n duty for me. Of course, this was not what I wanted to hear, but I will get over it. When I got home yesterday evening, I also found a phone message from Jason Knight, who is now working for SLDN in the communications office, and had seen my post. I called him back today and thanked him for taking notice, and to assure him that I would continue to support SLDN and hoped to find future volunteer opportunities. I sort of feel like I got to speak to a celebrity!

So, my takeaway here it to go ahead and sign up again next year, and be a lot more tenacious in keeping the lines of communication open. And if I can address one suggestion to SLDN, it would be - please continue with more programs at the grassroots level. I can't afford $200 a plate dinners and silent auctions and the like, but I do want to do more than just write an occasional check.

Of course, I continue to be disappointed with the local Pride organization, which once again has not acknowledged my email. I hope to talk to somebody on Saturday and find out why.


At 26/9/07 19:08, Anonymous Jason Knight said...

Tell you what, Larry. No need to worry about the amount for the dinner. If you would like to come, dinner is on me.


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