Monday, October 08, 2007

Dude, wait, what?

I get these surveys in the mail once in awhile and I like to fill them out because I'm not your average suburban housewife, so maybe my responses will help skew their results a bit. And they offer to send me free stuff once in awhile, and who doesn't like free stuff?

So anyway, today I was going through the latest packet and I got to this introductory passage which said: "Many products that used to only be available in cans are now available in foil packages. Two examples would be tuna fish and cat food."

OK, yeah, I've had the tuna once or twice, and I've used the cat food several times. So honestly, as I'm reading through this set of questions, I'm thinking "Meow Mix" not "Star Kist." Then I got to the third question in the bunch: "Which preserves product flavor better, foil or can?"

OK, wait. Am I supposed to ask Toast about this? There is no way I can answer this question about cat food on my own.

Yeah, the little fuzzbucket is lying next to me purring his lungs out, but he's not really responsive about the whole can vs. foil pouch thing. Sorry, Home Testing Institute.


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