Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Amazon Insane? Or was it the fish?

Over at Netflix, they've been running a couple contests to find better recommendation algorithms. At Amazon, I think they're secretly running a contest to find an algorithm that's makes insane recommendations.

For example:


Would I like a second copy of Days of Future Passed? No thanks. I mean, I really enjoy listening to it at times, and it was quite a ground-breaking concept at the time, but I'm good with just the one copy. I can always rip it to MP3 or make a personal backup copy on my own.

How about some DVD recommendations, then? I like Futurama so Good News, Everyone!:


Errrr, no. Maybe Professor Farnsworth is a closet Angela Lansbury fan?

OK, that's just silly. I do like my animation in lots of different ways, including talking dogs and homicidal gay babies, so what else might Amazon have in store for me?


Oh dear god! For the love of Cthulhu, WTF is that about?

I guess I should say "Thank you Amazon, for bringing a little surreality to my life." And good luck to the people entering your contest.


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