Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Assimilation is Useless, You Will Be Resisted

Yesterday, in a fit of complete and utter boredom at work, I ended up loading Microsoft Visual Studio onto my PC. Ironic, considering that Microsoft is currently pissing me right the hell off at home.

Still, I guess it won't hurt to learn a little Visual Basic. (Heck, I remember when it wasn't "visual" at all, and we had to write it as BASIC, because it is, after all, an acronym. Back in the day, we had paper tape and teletypes and acoustic couplers. Oh my.) So far, I've written the requisite "Hello, World!" program. (Some day, I'm going to find out just how that became the ubiquitous first program for all languages. I can find a lot of links telling me that it is the ubiquitous first program, but nothing that tells me why. Dammit.)

It's all about being employable, I guess. These days, you gotta have some specific keywords on the resumé; general breadth of knowledge and a willingness to learn doesn't get you too far.

You know, all this could be so easily avoided if I could just buy that winning Lotto ticket.


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