Monday, May 24, 2004

Finishing Up

Tying Up Loose Ends
I've been working on saying goodbye to people and places around Richmond as I countdown to the end of the month. On Saturday, I reserved a motel room and drove up to Arlington, made plans with one of my online buddies for Sunday brunch, and then headed to Blowoff. I guess I had pictured a larger space, but it was a good time, except for being crushed up against a steel support beam when guys tried to move past the place I was standing --where I also got to feel the warm exhaust from the ice machine. And yeah, I finally took off my shirt too.

On Sunday morning, I drove back into the city for the aforementioned brunch at Hamburger Mary's. Funny to find myself in the Logan Circle area after reading the similarly named blog for several weeks now. Nick and I had some food, some drinks, and then I headed home.

Starting Fresh
Even though I didn't actually visit DC a lot in the nine years I've lived in Richmond, it was always my "big city in reserve." I had to see it again before leaving the area. Now I guess Atlanta will be my BCiR. Because it's nice to know there's a place close enough to get to, if necessary.

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