Friday, July 09, 2004

Graebel SUCKS

I was supposed to get my furniture today.

At least that's what my "move co-ordinater" told me on Tuesday.

So I took the morning off (I actually have no earned time off at this point, having taken the one day that I've banked last Friday to be in Richmond for the load out). At 9:30, I called my co-ordinater and had to leave a voice mail. Half an hour later, she called me back. "Oh gosh, I don't know what happened, but there's no driver assigned to your delivery anymore, and nobody told me." She's going to "look into it" and get back to me. I tell her to call me at my work number.

4:35 PM. No word yet. I call. Have to leave voice mail again. SHE DID NOT CALL BACK BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY. They have my work number, my home number, and my mobile. It's now 8:05 PM. WTF??

I guess I won't see my furniture till next week sometime.

Did I mention that GRAEBEL SUCKS?


At 7/10/10 23:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Graebel,

When you were appointed as CEO of Graebel in 2007, you were reported as making this statement:  ‘I am incredibly excited by what the future holds,” said William Graebel. “Customers deserve and expect the best from Graebel. That’s why our business model integrates highly-personalized customer service, leverages an advanced technology, and consistently applies and constantly measures performance standards,” stated William Graebel. (See )

Your website carries the tagline: Graebel. Peace of mind. Worldwide.

I’m sorry to let you know, but –in my experience – the opposite is true.

I worked for the UN in New York as the Chief of Section XXX. On 27 August, I moved to Tirana, Albania. Your family’s company was appointed by the UN to move my personal belongings. Goods that I need to live, personal belongings collected from around the world, items that are irreplaceable. I arrived in Tirana 29 August. My goods are still not here.

In fact, your company forgot to send my goods. They sat in New York until 15 September, until after countless emails and phonecalls from me, I succeeded in jumping up and down long enough to get your company to do its job. And to add insult to injury, it appears your company has now lost them. Your company cannot tell me where they are and what they are doing to find them.

I have moved around the world countless times. I’ve spent the last 15 years working in international development and have never encountered this problem before. I trusted your company. The UN trusted your company. And you’ve not delivered on that trust.

I have had to take action, and have started a blog:
I have emailed the address to all my contacts and have posted a link on Facebook. If your company won’t deliver on its promises, then I want to make sure that other people won’t take the risk with you.

It’s quite simple to fix this issue. Find my luggage and send it to me. Today. Afterall- it’s your job.

All I’m asking is that you’ll be a man of your word.

Yours sincerely,

Helge Rieper

At 7/10/10 23:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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