Friday, April 16, 2004

The Long-Neglected Friday Grab Bag

It seems I've been neglecting my duties since I got back from vacation. Vacations sometimes change things. I know that I felt like I was "looking for something" when I was away. I'm not sure what it was, or if I found it, or if I'd even have recognized it had it jumped up and bit me on the ass. Something found me, though. Just a little clarity about thoughts and feelings and all that other navel-gazing shit.

But that's not important right now.

At least I got one really good photograph.

I found out the other night that a guy I used to play NTN Trivia with chose to end his life last week. He wasn't a close friend - for years, I only knew his playing handle, and I never knew more than his first name. Obviously, I'll never know what made him decide to choose the path that he did, and I can only hope that it somehow brought him peace. He was always there, and now he won't be, which is the part that's going to hurt.

Here's to you, Chris. I raise my glass of whichever beer is on special tonight to you. I'll miss seeing you and arguing with you about stupid shit.

I got a call from a recruiter yesterday, telling me about a job doing that thing I do. Which is good, because I need a new full-time gig. (Desperately!). The position, however, is in Overland Park, Kansas.

That would be a bit of a commute. One of the items on this weekend's task list is to figure out if I should even consider this further.

Everybody should check out The Long Winters. I saw them the other night at The Starr Hill Music Hall (and brewery!) and they were great.

I've also been listening again to Eric Himan, because I finally sent him some of the picures I took when he played in Richmond last December.

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