Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Less politics, more drivel

Everything you always wanted in a blog. And less.

I guess it's a good day to lighten the tone a little bit. It's all gray and rainy and cold outside here in the thriving metropolis of Glen Allen, so the prospect of writing a serious blog post is not appealing.

What is appealing is the realization that in nine days time, I'll be on the beautiful island of Kauai. I can't wait to be there, although I'm not ready to go. And the getting there part sucks, but not as mightily as the leaving part. At least this time I arranged for what I hope will be a better series of flights. On both my previous trips to Hawaii, I've had a connection in either Chicago or Dallas with a straight shot to Honolulu. So we're talking nine or ten hours of coach class. It's as bad as you can imagine, and then worse. This year, I am flying from Richmond to Chicago, Chicago to LA, and then LA to Kauai. Same number of flights, but more evenly timed (approximately three, four and five hours, respectively).

I've been hitting the gym regularly for a few weeks, mostly because it's something I need to do, but also because of the upcoming trip. My weight doesn't seem to be melting away, but I find myself lifting more and more as I go through the little circuit of machines, so I guess there's some kind of benefit. Still, it would be nice to put on my new board shorts and not scare the wildlife.

Easily Amused department
I had a cup of yogurt this morning - Kroger store brand. The "style" as printed on the label was "Fruit On The Bottom." Fair enough. Except the flavor was "caramel creme brulee." Wha' happen?

And a shout out to my buddy Ken who told me a funny story last night with the punchline "there is no two!" Which I'm not going to explain any further.

current music
Erasure - Loveboat (no wonder it had trouble getting a US release, it's just not that good)


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