Friday, March 05, 2004

Friday Grab Bag

in which the author just writes a bunch of unrelated paragraphs

I still miss Calvin and Hobbes
Get Fuzzy is the best comic strip out there, IMHO. It's not published in the local daily, of course. Apparently people still want to read Mark Trail - that is the strip with the people who are not able to use contractions. They do publish Frazz, which is a well-drawn strip, on Sundays only. (I came across this strip while doing my research, which was pretty funny.)

You just can't make this stuff up!
If this guy wins his appeal, I'm quitting my job and moving to Germany.

Fool's Gold
OK, Amazon, WTF? You can call it "Larry's Gold Box," but it's really not, is it? Take today's selection: Five (count 'em FIVE) necklaces, a George Foreman rotisserie, a bracelet, a mouse, The Last Waltz on DVD, and a vacuum. Six jewelry items? And although I didn't look closely, it seems that at least two of the necklaces were identical except for color. I want better selections, and I want them NOW!

Hat still in hand
I need to increase my readership by several orders of magnitude. Or maybe just double it, as long as the new people are rich and generous. See Wednesday's entry, below.

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