Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Interplanetary Daydreams

I woke up this morning to hear Bob Edwards telling me that NASA was going to be making a statement later today about the search for water on Mars. So I laid in bed for almost an hour, sorta dozing, sorta listening for more details about the story, which my semi-conscious mind told me had to be coming up soon. Then I almost convinced myself to skip going to the gym. Then I remembered that I need to be wearing a bathing suit in twenty-four days, so I got up and went. Even though I watched the morning news while taking another bike ride to nowhere, I still don't know anything about water on Mars. As long as they don't use the phrase "Earth shattering kaboom," I think we'll be OK.

[Heh: Slashdot posted the story about the upcoming press conference and one of the comments said: I know what it is -- one of the chief scientists saved a bundle on his car insurance.]

In other news, comments look like they might be working again . . . or not.

And . . . I'm stealing the idea for the line below from a friend. And probably countless other internet users.

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