Monday, March 22, 2004

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Paper, mister?
Gee, no thanks kid. I decided not to get the daily paper anymore.

It's not just that the Richmond Times-Disgrace is about as "fair" and "balanced" as Faux News. Mostly, I just finally decided that I wasn't getting much out of it. Most of the stories I was interested in, I'd already seen somewhere on the Web. And now I'll be saving $14 a month.

I guess it was mostly habit. For as long as I can remember, we always got the daily paper. Sometimes even two of them, back when many places still had a morning and an evening newspaper.

I'm still going to have them deliver the Sunday paper though, so I can get the ads. I have to be able to shop, after all.

Well it's one better, innit?
Today was the first day of this bold newspaperless experiment, and of course I neglected to take anything different with me to read while riding the bike to nowhere at the gym. Perhaps that contributed to me being able to finally make a new "distance" though. For as long as I've been on that damned ride, the final readout has always told me that I managed to go ten point something miles. On a couple bad days, it might have even been a tad under ten. On a good day, maybe as much as ten point six something. Today though, I had nothing to look at except the various numbers displayed on the bike's console. (OK, and occasional eye candy that might have been walking by. But that's another topic.) Since I limit my cardio time to 30 minutes, I tried very hard to keep my average speed above 22 mph. I sweated my ass off, even pegging the effort meter at the top of the screen (for a few seconds anyway). And when I was finally done, my shirt as wet as a dish rag, my hearbeat in the danger zone, I checked the final reading.

Distance: 11.00 miles.


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