Monday, May 31, 2004

A Lovely Holiday Adventure

I'm there. Or perhaps I should say I'm here. Big storms earlier in the day had ATL completely fucked up, so it's a good thing I got to the Richmond airport early. The 10:24 flight I'd been booked on, had been cancelled, but they re-assigned me to a flight that was supposed to have left at 8:30, and at the time I checked in was scheduled for a 10:00 departure. They boarded us as if we were going to leave at 10, but air traffic control held us on the taxiway so we didn't leave until, oh about 10:24. ATC had us doing slow turns and might as well have had the pilot do some loops just to kill time, so we ended up landing at about 12:30, one half hour later than what was on my original itinerary.

Oh well, I could tell from the crowds in the concourse that things could have been a lot worse.

Finding a place to live
I had scheduled an appointment to look at a couple apartments in "Uptown" Columbus at 2:00. I was a little late, but I have a feeling that the person who assured me that the office would be open today completely forgot about the holiday. Oops.

I drove around a bit and found two of the other places that were on my short list of places to consider. I spoke, via intercom to one guy, and then our conversation got cut short, and he wasn't very encouraging anyway. At the other place, the office at least had a sign on the door clearly indicating that they'd be closed today.

Locating the office
I drove back to the Uptown area and easily found the building that I'd been told to report to tomorrow, as well as the parking garage that I'd been told to park in. After the apartment issues, I was happy to have that go right. And then, HEY, it turns out that the office is just around the corner from the first apartment place, where I still hope to live. That would be more pretty cool, considering the gas prices and all that. I guess it might even be time to consider selling the 240SX. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! OK, forget I said that. A guy can only handle so much change at one time.

Getting Online
I hated to do it, but I loaded up an AOL disc that I picked up at Target. It took almost 45 minutes to do whatever crap it was doing to my poor ancient notebook. And then it promptly blue-screened me when I tried to get local dial-up numbers. I miss my DSL already.

I ignored it for awhile, went out and drove around, got some chow and came back and pampered it through the phone number thing (only to find out that the hotel had "accidentally" blocked outgoing calls . . . ), but as you can guess, I got online. AOL will be banished as soon possible; I was planning on wiping and reloading the hard drive on this system anyway.

Administrative Note
I'm going to mask my email address again. I'm starting to get crap on my gmail account, and I've only ever gotten two blog-related emails there anyway. But please, feel free to write. You'll just have to decode a bit.

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