Thursday, July 15, 2004

Less Filling, More Taste

Lorgo Abnam'l Ud Zemblag
OK, so I know I've pretty much been harping on that one thing (Graebel sucks) for a while. I also know there are other things happening in the world (Graebel sucks). How about that defeat of the FMA yesterday? Good stuff.

I'm still waiting for somebody on the right to explain to me how a union of two people in love (who happen to be of the same gender), "threatens" their own marriage. Really, what is the big deal? How exactly does this cause a problem?

Did I mention that when the third party subcontractor came to uncrate the marble top to my antique dresser, it was broken into a bunch of pieces? Yeah, umm, Graebel SUCKS. In case that wasn't obvious.

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At 19/6/07 21:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just thought you might like to know that Graebel movers still suck. Three years since you've written this post, and they are still screwing people over.


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