Saturday, July 10, 2004

This Just In -
Graebel still sucks.

I called their "after hours" number last night and explained my situation and stressed that I needed to know what was going on. It was promised that I'd receive a call "first thing" this morning. It's 12:23PM. Not morning anymore.

I just called them again, and of course the guy who answers the phone is not able to help. They don't even have a delivery schedule listed for me at this point. My furniture is sitting in a warehouse in Chantilly, VA. Maybe some of my DC friends could go say "hi" to it for me. Tell my leather recliner how much I miss it.

Anyway, the previously stated delivery window of the 8th through the 12th has been closed. I've been defenestrated.

So tell all your friends, if you're moving, DO NOT CHOOSE GRAEBEL MOVERS.


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