Saturday, November 06, 2004

Beers, Strippers, and Eggs. Drinks and Bratwurst.

A little explanation of the post and pictures below. Several weeks ago, Caitlin told me she'd be flying down to Atlanta this weekend to meet up with some bloggers. She came down a day early and caught a shuttle down to Columbus. In the course of showing here around, I went to several new places in town and managed to see the place with new eyes.

On Friday, I drove us back up to Atlanta and after a couple minor miscues, we met up with the other folks at a midtown restaurant for drinks and dinner. We then proceeded to another bar where more beers were consumed. This was followed by a visit to the Claremont Lounge. Because why wouldn't a bunch of intoxicated people go to see some of the oldest (and oddest) strippers in Atlanta? It was an experience.

Finally, we went to a diner for some classic post drinking breakfast food, returning to our hotel at 3:15 AM.

We then reconvened this afternoon at CW's house and resumed the party.

As with Blogjam a couple weeks ago, meeting people whose writings you've read is interesting. I've added links to everybody's blogs over on the right.


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