Monday, November 01, 2004

Score one for the good guys

In the past I've written about some pretty bad customer service experiences, so it's only fair that I write about a good one. I've been wearing Oakley sunglasses for a long time. I've owned several pairs of Frogskins, both the old style and the newer style, and currently I can be seen sporting Half Jackets. Aside from attempting to look stylish, I found that by spending big bucks on sunglasses, I was less likely to mistreat them.

Thus, it was with some distress that I discovered about a month ago that I'd misplaced the microfiber bag that Oakley supplies with each pair of its glasses, and into which I'd carefully place my Half Jackets when they weren't on my head. When I visited Richmond a couple weeks ago, I had a chance to stop in at the O Store. I hoped they'd have a replacement bag available for purchase. They had the bag alright, but not only did they just give it to me, the nice guy took the time to thoroughly clean my lenses too. (I probably shouldn't mention that he also showed me that I had the lenses installed incorrectly. Oops.)

So there you go. They could easily have charged me five bucks or so for the bag, but they didn't. And therefore Oakley remains on my "preferred vendor" list.


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