Sunday, October 24, 2004

First Post?

Just in from BlogJam DC
I just flew in from Blogjam and boy are my arms tired.

Am I the first to post about it? It was a great evening, despite the late start given to us by the club. I got to meet Joe in person, and I'm here to report that his stories are as great when presented live as they are when read online. He's also a really good hugger.

The other readings were all great and I plan on writing a bit more over the next day or two. In fact, since Joe introduced me to several people as Larry, "who writes Bent Blog," I feel that I have been shamed into being a lot more attentive to the blog than I have been.

I have to catch flight at 6:05 in the morning, and although the airport is almost literally a stone's throw from where I'm staying, I still have to get gas in the rental car and all that, so I really shouldn't stay up writing tonight. A couple quick notes right now though . . . I got a "formal" introduction to Bob Mould, who organized tonight's event. At the end of the evening, I finally took a moment to pull him aside and say "Thanks, this was a great idea. Also Workbook changed my life; thanks for all the great music over the years. OK, fanboy moment over."

Also, one of the more poignant readings was from Dogpoet, who is completely adorable. Smart and cute, who could ask for more?

Further updates tomorrow.

current music
Bob Mould - Modulate.


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