Monday, November 15, 2004

Captain Nice Guy

I noticed that one of the reasons that K and J and I got along so well this past weekend is that we're all disgustingly polite. And not really in a bad way. There's really nothing wrong with treating other people with respect.

Anyway, when we get up on Sunday, it was rainy and gray. Which, you know, is cool. "No rain, no rainbows" as the t-shirts all say. We went to eat some pho, then went to see The Incredibles (six thumbs up) and then decided to go see the western part of the island. We ate some really awesome cheeseburgers and fries at this place - , spelunked around in a cave, and then did a little beachcombing.

All too soon it was time to head back to K's place so I could reboot and get ready to leave. I didn't cry. At least not then.

When I boarded the plane in Honolulu, they were handing out "little blue bags" which evidently contained a snack. I was seated in an exit row right at the entrance so I could hear the flight attendants talking about all kinds of stuff. And first I heard them saying they were out of blue bags. Thinking back to that Tastee Freez cheeseburger, and looking forward to actually sleeping on the way to LA, I gallantly offered up my snack.

Moments later, one of them was lamenting the lack of blankets, so I reached behind me and handed the blanket over.

Unfortunately, these acts did not result in an instant upgrade to First Class.

Perhaps I need to do these things more selflessly?

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