Thursday, December 30, 2004

I am not Chewbacca

That is the opening line of In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot, by Graham Roumieu.* It is simply the funniest book, ever. Period. Caitlin first showed it to me over a year ago. She said it was the number one seller at Fountain Bookstore in 2003 - I'm sure helped along by some enthusiastic recommendations from the staff.

One of my favorite things that happens when I show the book to people is that I get to hear each person's "Bigfoot voice." Turns out that everybody has one, and you just can't help using it when you start to read the sad story of Denis ("Him here for good time, not for long time.") or Craig ("You shitty cat!")

I love the sheer absurdity of the stories, the fabulous illustrations, and the fact that every time I pick it up, I still notice something that I hadn't seen before. I like this book so much that this year, I have given copies to six people, just to spread the Bigfoot love.

Soon, I plan to have an army of Bigfoot fans throughout the land. We will recognize each other by the use of key phrases that only the enlightened will recognize.

Yes I be talking to you Steve!

*Yes, that is an Amazon link, but if you're going to buy this book, you should check with your local independent bookseller. Or, if you want to get it from Amazon, at least use my link so I get credit.

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