Friday, April 28, 2006

I <heart> Corporate America

We use Yahoo Messenger at work. A lot. Maybe even too much. But it allows a team of developers to be scattered around the country, if not the globe, and still keep in touch. It's also a huge distraction in meetings when half the people are paying more attention to their laptops and using YM for side conversations, but that's another story.

A lot of people use Yahoo avatars as the display image in the IM windows, but I chose to use a small graphic that I'd gotten from a friend, because I thought it was funny. This is it:

Yesterday in the midst of an IM discussion, I was told by a management type "you'll have to take down your avatar." (First clue he was management - he couldn't tell the difference beween an avatar and an image.) I didn't even bother to ask why, although I was sorely tempted to reply "WTF?"

I suppose a phrase that can be heard on broadcast TV is just too horrible to be seen in a corporate environment.

C'mooooon, Lotto numbers!


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