Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Got Such A Supple Wrist

I've written before about my love of pinball (scroll down). It hasn't diminished. Before I moved to good ol' Columbus, GA, I did some research and saw glowing reports of an arcade called Diamond Jim's, but there was no trace of it when I got here. A couple weeks ago, before heading out on a day trip to Atlanta, I printed out the address of an arcade so I could play, but sadly I could find no evidence of its existence in the dying Cobb Galleria shopping mall. I also stopped by a place that sells machines, but the sign on the door said "out on a service call" and I didn't have time to wait around. Damn, this is beginning to sound like a metaphor for my sex life -- lots of potential but no actual contact.

Well, not quite. Last Friday, there was a work-sponsored bowling party, and I discovered that the bowling alley has a pretty nice Star Wars: Episode 1 (warning: sound at that link) machine. I still mourn the fact that the Pinball 2000 concept didn't take off and that Williams gave up. I played several dollars worth of games on that machine on Friday, and then I went back on Saturday to play some more. My forearms were sore on Sunday. There's also a Stern Monopoly game there. I think I'll have to check it out this weekend.

At least I know I'll be getting some silver ball action up in NYC in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll get some other action too.

P.S. I love the "basics" information at the site:

* Put in money and press start.
* Begin the game by pulling the plunger back and quickly releasing it.
* Use the buttons on either side of the game to control the flippers.


At 8/12/11 11:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diamond Jim's has been closed since 2001.

At 19/12/11 20:10, Blogger Larry Mac said...

Yes, thanks. Note that this post was written in 2005, so Jim's was closed for only four years, while you posted on a six year old post. Ummmm.


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