Friday, January 21, 2005

Obnoxious Twit Throws Parties, Thousands Die

According to CNN, private donations were the primary source of funding for the lavish and outlandish parties thrown for yesterday's coronation, errrr inauguration. This, by an incumbent president. During wartime. Costs to exceed forty million dollars.

In addition, the District of Columbia has to cough up over $17 million to handle security, and one day of shutting down federal government operations in and around the capital will cost taxpayers $66 million.

The apologists insist that the $40 million is private money, so it's not fair to make the comparison to how many armored humvees that money would buy. Oh, and the obnoxious twit thanked some invited servicemen and women at one of his parties. Did he thank the ones who are dead or so badly maimed that they couldn't attend his little soirée? No, but he sure as hell made sure that the nearly 4000 guys in the Third Infantry Third Brigade left Fort Benning over the last week. How many of those soldiers, some of them my friends and neighbors, won't make it back?

OK, so it was "private money." Fine. According to the CNN article above, "Among the dozens of $250,000 donors are Home Depot, Bank of America Corp., Bristol-Myers Squibb and Ford Motor Co."

Got it. I'll never set foot in Home Depot again. I won't bank at BoA. I wasn't ever planning on buying another Ford product anyway, given the dismal history of my '93 Ranger, and I use the store brand of pain relievers, so no Bufferin or Excedrin for me.

As soon as I can find a more complete list of the corporate whores, I'll try to post it. And I'm going to be sure to let those companies know why they've lost a customer.


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