Friday, March 04, 2005

Orange Really Is The New Black

Last weekend I went to New York. The main reason for going was to visit with some friends; when I scheduled the trip I didn't realize that I'd be there during the exhibition of The Gates.

I loved it. I really didn't have any prior relationship with Central Park, so I don't know about "changing my view of the space in relation to blah blah blah blah fishcakes," but I enjoyed the color, the motion, the people. I think the people, especially. I'd thought of the Christo projects that I knew of previously as somewhat aloof. The grand scale of projects such as the Wrapped Reichstag or Surrounded Islands doesn't seem to allow for close-up viewing. The Gates was different. It was all about being there, walking along the paths, reaching up to feel the fabric (it felt like a bad curtain in a cheap hotel). Also, I didn't notice it at first, but my friend R pointed out how many people were wearing clothing to co-ordinate with The Gates.

I've wondered just how many pictures must have been taken over the sixteen days of the exhibition. Thousands, easily. Tens or hundreds of thousands more likely. I took over one hundred in the few hours we were there, and I wasn't even really in full-on photographer mode. And just look at how many people were there

So as much as I think being there was critical to the experience, I'm still going to post a couple more pics, without additional commentary.

Oh yeah, technically the color was described as saffron. So maybe saffron is the new black.


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