Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Just A Jump To The Left

I got a form letter from my local Nissan dealer the other day.

If you currently drive a 1990 NISSAN, Victory Nissan will issue you a DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE VOUCHER FOR UP TO $2,000 so that you can trade in your car today, even if you thought it was too soon or you thought you owed too much on your vehicle.

Ummm, yeah, Victory Nissan, I think it is too soon to trade in my FIFTEEN AND A HALF YEAR OLD CAR, the one with over 114,000 miles on it! And paying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for a car payment since I don't know when is too much!!

There are other graphics on the letter that are supposed to make me think that my car is a (if not the) MOST REQUESTED VEHICLE. Uh huh.

Jebus. They didn't really put a lot of thought into screening the mailing list for that letter, did they?



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