Monday, April 26, 2004


Two . . . One
The model rocket launching was only partially successful. One of them got taken by a rocket-eating tree. The other rocket came within an inch of landing on the roof of an office building on first launch, but did make it to the ground. The second launch was more successful, although we still were having parachute deployment issues.

We also discovered that you can't actually get onto the grounds of the public schools around here, so our launch site was relocated to The Innsbrook Pavilion area.

I'm going to have to figure out a better place to go and play.

After last week's service fiasco at Nacho Mama, it's only fair that I relate the superior service experienced last night at Rio Grande Cafe. We had just finished inhaling the first ramekin of salsa when our server walked up with a new one. We hadn't even asked. My friend was drinking "just Coke" and after the first glass was delivered in the standard giant Coca-Cola cup, he joked with the server about trying to be less conspicuous. When that first cup was empty, we said "wouldn't it be great if the guy came out with a refill in a frosty mug?" Within minutes, and again without a specific request, suddenly there was a Coke in a frosty mug delivered to our table. Anyway, the food itself was just OK -- although it was hot when delivered, so they get points there. The point being, of course, that good service and mediocre food trumps bad service and any kind of food.

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