Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Over the Hump

Y'all might want my autograph before I get famous
You may recall that on Friday I mentioned having sent some photos to Eric Himan, which I took at his performance at Babes last year. This morning at one freaking fifteen when I stumbled into the room I refer call my office to see who the fuck was calling me (ah, exes, you've gotta love 'em), I noticed that I had email from Eric's publicist. She said my work was awesome. I'm all giddy because nobody ever called my photos "work" before. I like, have an ouevre now.

Anyway, there is a chance that one of the photos will be used as a welcome screen on the site. Woo hoo!

Cerveza fria, por favor
Last night I met Caitlin at Nacho Mama in Carytown for dinner. It was pretty awful. If there was a hostess, I don't know where she was, because I stood at the entrance for ten minutes without anybody saying a word to me. I finally stepped up to the bar to get a beer, and heard another customer ask "hasn't it been a long time since we ordered?" Now I'm not a restaurant professional, but isn't the correct answer to that "Yes sir, let me check on that for you."? Apparently not, because the bartender just stood there and said "there's a lot of people in the restaurant." I really should have taken that as the omen that it was, but I soldiered on.

Caitlin arrived and we attempted to ask one of the waitresses that was flitting back and forth to the patio about getting a table out there. She said something unintelligible and kept walking. Needless to say, by the time we got ahold of the person who was keeping the sacred patio seating list, we'd have been waiting all night, so we chose to eat at the bar.

Our appetizer was nearly cold when we got it -- and really, fried jalapeno poppers ought not be cold. Even more amusing was the delivery of our entree. Bartender boy had on the giant asbestos lined glove and gingerly put my plate in front of me, warning "it's very hot!" Ummm, yeah, perhaps it was TWENTY MINUTES EARLIER, which has to have been when it was ready. I bravely touched the plate with my bare hands and got a chill. Caitlin's plate was no better of course.

Look, I understand that it was busy - although, really, if you can't handle the Tuesday night "crowd," I think you're in trouble. But there's just no excuse for surly uncaring waitstaff. They probably got that way from the lousy tips they get. Because they're surly and uncaring.

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