Monday, June 14, 2004

Home Again Home Again, Jiggety Jig

It's been a busy month so far, with the moving and the driving and the glavin. Friday afternoon I left Columbus for Glen Allen -- arriving after nearly eleven hours, including an unscheduled half hour of complete stop on the highway between Greenville and Spartanburg SC. According to the rumors being passed along, somebody was threatening to jump off one of the overpasses up ahead. So we were stopped dead. Engines off, people walking around. And then one of the truckers reported "they got him down," the traffic ahead started to move and off we went.

I spent most of the day Saturday getting packed and yesterday morning I drugged the cat and headed back here to Georgia. No jumpers on the southbound leg, so it only took anout nine and a half hours. Toast was not to thrilled with the new place to begin with -- he spent the first hour or so tucked into a tiny space between the refrigerator and the wall. Which worked out well, because it gave me time to unload the truck and not have to worry about him darting out the front door. Now I finally feel like I'm going to start living here, instead of just visiting. The lack of major furniture items notwithstanding.


I guess the Reaganfest is over. I didn't care for the guy, I refuse to call Washington National Airport anything but that, I don't want to see his face on dimes or ten dollar bills or Mt. freakin' Rushmore. I'll grudgingly admit that he was probably one of the last presidents we've had with any dignity. He still fucked up big time by being a giant homophobe who couldn't even say "AIDS," let alone provide research funding.


You can tune in public radio stations all the way down I-85, but on Sundays there's no telling what you'll find. I got to hear This American Life twice, portions of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and of course Weekend All Things Considered. I had a bunch of CDs with me, but with a dopey cat snuggling next to me the whole way, trying to get to the binder and find something was not quite convenient.


Twenty-eight years ago today, I graduated from Newington High School. Woo hoo, Class of '76.


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