Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Since the fine folks at Google were kind enough to offer me a Gmail account, I accepted it and have added some contact information over there on the right. Not a direct link, because I'd like to make believe I can keep some of the spam at bay, but all the required info is there. And here: LarryMac -- at --- gmail ---- dot ----- com.

You know, for years, I had a mostly spam free inbox at my "main" ISP address. Then last year I put my resume up on Monster and I guess I somehow left the email available for harvesting. Bam, an inbox filled with offers for \/1agra, Nigerian 429 scams, and ways to cut my M0rtg4ge p4yments. Luckily, I heard about K9, which does a fairly good job at filtering the crap. On the other hand, a couple weeks ago I signed up at HotJobs and started to get even more crap.

I guess this is the price I pay for searching for a job. And since I got an interview lined up via HotJobs, perhaps I shouldn't complain too much.


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