Thursday, April 29, 2004

My weekend starts now.

Phish Heads
I hope that anybody who is the kind of person who reads a blog wouldn't fall for such a thing, but when I got home from work today, I found TWO "phishing" emails in my inbox, both purporting to be from the IRS, telling me that I (and the dozen other people in the "TO" line) were suspected of cheating on my taxes. For grins, I followed the link and it has a form with an IRS graphic at the top that asks for every bit of personal information an identity thief could dream of. To start with, I told them my name was Haywood Jablowmie, and I live in Maroon, TX. My drivers license number was "ABC EZ AS 123". When I got to the spot where it asked for my mother's maiden name, I'm afraid I got a little testy and dropped a C-bomb in there.

Anyway, y'all might want to warn any friends and family that might be slightly more trusting/gullible.

Technical Details
I did a whois lookup on, which is where the link takes you. Here are some of the results:

Registrant Name:JKR inc
Registrant Street1:62 Camberley Avenue West Wimbledon
Registrant City:London
Registrant Postal Code:SW20 0BQ
Registrant Email:heather[XXXXX]
Admin Name:[REDACTED]

(5/1/2004 -- I've taken out the full email and name of the person listed, because a friend reminded me that it's possible that the domain was registered with stolen information.)

Now I'm not suggesting that Heather is a bad person. Perhaps her name is being used nefariously. And I'm not saying that I'd go so far as to submit that email address to anywhere that might use it further for more nefarious purposes. That would be just not right.

Shout Out
Hello to the Logan Circle Guy, who was clever enough to post a funny Morrissey link, which I should have remembered to include in my post yesterday. His blog is linked up on the right there. Go there and look. He also beat me to the punch on posting something about Bob Edwards. Farkin' NPR. Anyway, read him.

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